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Theory of Sea Floor Spreading
a) Wegner b) Hess c) Wilson d) Parr
Theory of Plate Tectonincs
a) Wegener b) Hess c) Wilson d) Parr
Theory of Plate Tectonics
a) Wegener b) Hess c) Wilson d) Parr
_______________________ is an example of a transform boundary
a) Appalachian Mnts. b) San Andreas Fault c) Mid- Ocean Ridge d) Himalaya Mnts.
Two oceanic plates colliding will create_________________.
a) Hot Spot b) rift valley c) Mountains d) Subduction Zone
What drives continental movement?
a) A giant troll on a bike. b) Vertical Currents c) Horizontal Currents d) Convection Currents
Plates of the lithosphere float on the______________.
a) Crust b) Core c) Asthenoshere d) Atmosphere
The crust and upper mantle make up Earth's_________________.
a) Crust b) Lithosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Atmosphere
The youngest rocks on the ocean floor are located _______________________.
a) near the continents b) near the Mid-ocean ridge c) near New York d) under the mountains
When two plates move together____________________ boundary.
a) Convergent b) Divergent c) Subduction d) Transform
Fossil plant that helps support the theory of continental drift.
a) Glomar Challenger b) Glossopteris c) Mesosaurus d) Pangaega
The name of Wegener's super continent
a) USA b) Pangaea c) Wegonia d) continental drift
Plates move apart at______________boundaries
a) Convergent b) Divergent c) Subduction d) Transform
The hypothesis that continents have slowly moved to their current locations_______
a) Continental Drift b) Polarity c) Seafloor Spreading d) Plate Tectonics
The result of the Indo-Australian plate colliding with the Eurasian plate.
a) Appalachian Mnts. b) Rocky Mountains c) Alps d) Himalayas
The Glomar Challenger is famous for_______________.
a) Discovering a new continent b) Finding samples of similar plants on different continents c) Gathering rock samples around the ocean d) Mapping the ocean floor
Plates slide past each other at _______________ boundaries.
a) Convergent b) Divergent c) Subduction d) Transform
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