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The process by which natural forces move weathered rock and soil from one place to another
a) deposition b) mass movement c) sediment d) erosion
Any one of the several processes that move sediment downhill
a) erosion b) mass movement c) sediment d) deposition
The material moved by erosion that consist of rock or soil or the remains of plants and animals
a) erosion b) deposition c) gravity d) sediment
the force that moves rock and other material downhill
a) erosion b) gravity c) deposition d) mass movement
Occurs where the agents of erosion, deposit, or lay down, sediment
a) erosion b) gravity c) sediment d) deposition
Water that moves over the Earth's surface
a) rill b) runoff c) erosion d) meander
tiny grooves in the soil formed from runoff
a) runoff b) meander c) rill d) delta
Large groove, or channel, in the soil that carries runoff after a rain storm
a) meander b) stalactite c) stalagmite d) gully
a channel along which water is continually flowing down a slope
a) rill b) delta c) stream d) erosion
a stream or river that flows in to a larger river
a) tributary b) alluvial fan c) groundwater d) flood plain
the flat, wide area of land along a river
a) karst topography b) delta c) flood plain d) stream
A loop-like bend in the course of a river
a) flood plain b) meander c) delta d) groundwater
A meander that has been cut off from the river
a) alluvial fan b) oxbow lake c) groundwater d) stream
A wide, sloping deposit of sediment formed where a steam leaves a mountain
a) stalagmite b) stalactite c) groundwater d) alluvial fan
A landform made of sediment that is deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake
a) alluvial fan b) delta c) karst topography d) flood plain
water that fills the cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers
a) rill b) runoff c) delta d) groundwater
a deposit that hands like an icicle from the roof of a cave
a) stalactite b) stalagmite c) meander d) tributary
A cone shaped deposit that builds up from the floor of a cave
a) stalactite b) stalagmite c) meander d) rill
a region in which a layer of limestone close to the surface creates deep valleys, caverns and sinkholes
a) gully b) rill c) karst topography d) delta
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