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Established by William Penn for the Quakers
a) Delaware Colony b) Pennsylvania Colony c) Georgia Colony d) Massachusetts Bay Colony
What was the reason the Quakers were at peace with the Native Americans?
a) Quakers bought land from them b) Quakers celebrated Thanksgiving with them c) Quakers exchanged goods with them d) Quakers won a war with them
Founded by James Oglethorpe as a place for people who owed money to settle.
a) Massachusetts Bay Colony b) Colony of Virginina c) Colony of New York d) Colony of Georgia
Religious group who came to North America to Practice theri religion freely. THey set up the Pennsylvania colony where anyone who believed in God could worship freely.
a) Puritans b) Indentured Servants c) Quakers d) Farmers
Breadbasket Colonies
a) Nickname for the Middle Colonies because they grew wheat which is used to make bread. b) Nickname for the New England Colonies because they were skilled craftspeople c) Nickname for the Southern Colonies because they made baskets d) Nickame for the Southern Colonies because they were farmers
Puritan person who claimed that God had spoken directly to her. She was banished from the Mass. Bay Colony
a) John White b) Anne Hutchinson c) William Penn d) Roger Williams
A plan of government written to limit its power. It was the first written constitution in the English colonies.
a) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut b) Navigation Acts c) Triangular Trade d) Act pf Toleration
Laws that controlled trade between England and its colonies
a) Acts of Toleration b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut c) Navigation Acts d) Triangular Trade Acts
Law that gave religious freedom to all Christians in the Maryland colony
a) Act of Toleration b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut c) Triangular Trade Acts d) Navigation Acts
What were the voting rights in the colonies?
a) Any man of any age could vote b) Only white, Christian males over age 21 to owened prooperty could vote c) Men and women had the right to vote d) All men and women over age 18 could vote
Which colony established the first public schools?
a) New York b) Maryland c) New Jersey d) Massachusetts
The exchange of goods between Africa, the West Indies, and the New England Colonies
a) Mayflower Compact b) Navigation Acts c) Triangular Trade d) Act of Toleration
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