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To point - future simple, 1st pers. plu.
a) We'll point b) We'd point c) You will point d) I will point
To abandon- present simple, 3rd pers. plu.
a) They abandon b) He abandon c) He abandons d) They abandons
To correct - past simple, 2nd pers. sing.
a) You corrected b) You correct c) You would correct d) You corrects
To talk - conditional present (50% sure), 1st pers. plu.
a) We could talk b) We would talk c) ! would talk d) I might talk
To forget - conditional present (100% sure), 3rd pers. sing.
a) It would forget b) She would forgets c) She could forgets d) She will forget
To jump - imperative present, 1st pers. plu.
a) let's jump b) I jump c) We jumped d) Jump
To sing - future simple, 2nd pers. sing.
a) you will sing b) they would sing c) you singed d) you sing
To watch - present simple, 1st pers. plu.
a) I watch b) We watch c) She watches d) We watched
To swim - imperative present, 2nd pers. plu.
a) Swim b) Let's swim c) You swim d) You swimmed
To have - past simple, 3rd pers. sing.
a) It had b) He haved c) He haveed d) She haves
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