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King who was thought to have first unified upper and lower Egypt
a) Hatshepsut b) King Menes c) Amanirenas d) King Kashta
Pharaoh who commissioned or ordered the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza
a) King Tut b) Piankhi c) Khufu d) Sozer
Kingdom south of Egypt with tall cliffs and granite rocks
a) Napata b) Memphis c) Thebes d) Nubia
A time when the pharaohs ruled with their wives and sons
a) Stone Age b) Middle Kingdom c) New Kingdom d) Old Kingdom
Which of these is not a step in the mummification or preserving process
a) taking out the vital organs b) taking out the heart c) using the tomb/pyramid to house the body d) wrapping the body in bandages
The desert area in Egypt that is further away from the Nile was called the...
a) Black Lands b) Farm Lands c) Green Lands d) Red Lands
a mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks that makes it great to farm in the Nile delta
a) silt b) milk c) sand d) gravel
What months did the Egyptians figure out that the Nile would flood?
a) between October and December b) between May and September c) between January and March d) every single week
Triangular shaped land at the mouth of a river that sometimes look like spread out fingers.
a) delta b) cliffs c) archipelago d) cataracts
waterfall that lies on a river
a) glaciers b) fjords c) levees d) cataracts
Allowed hieroglyphics to be translated
a) Angie's List b) Rosetta Stone c) Websters Dictionary d) Scribes
Ruler in Egypt, considered as god-kings, meaning 'great house!'
a) lord b) emperor c) pharaoh d) dynasty
Egyptian picture based writing that stood for ideas, objects, or sounds
a) hieroglyphics b) hieratic c) cuneiform d) meroitic
Allowed agriculture to bring water to their crops from the river more efficiently
a) sturdy farm tools b) work line c) heavy machines d) irrigation
Plants used to create scrolls and papers in Egypt
a) tree bark b) silt c) papyrus d) banana leaves
The giver and taker of life, longest river in the world!
a) The Nile b) The Amazon c) Tigris d) Euphrates
The main god of the Egyptians
a) Horus b) Zeus c) Isis d) Ra or Amun Ra
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