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process of Earth's magnetic poles changing places
a) continental drift b) magnetic reversal c) d)
New oceanic lithosphere forms as a result of
a) continental drift b) normal polarity c) reverse polarity d) sea-floor spreading
process that takes place as mid-ocean ridges
a) sea-flooring spreading b) fossils c) d)
Evidence for sea-floor spreading
a) the break up of Pangaea b) fossils in South America and Africa c) magnetic minerals on the ocean floor d) ancient climactic conditions
items that provide evidence that the continents were once closer together
a) fossils b) animal dung c) d)
Wegner thought that all the continents were once together in one large continent called
a) Pangaea b) Parkersontown c) Laurasia d) Gondwana
part of molten rock at mid-ocean ridges
a) magnetic minerals b) magnetic reversal c) d)
hypothesis that states that the continents were once one large mass that broke apart
a) evolution b) continental drift c) d)
Plate Tectonics explains
a) volcanoes b) earthquakes c) mountains d) all of the above
Laurasia was in the southern part and Gondwana was in the northern part of the plates
a) True b) False c) d)
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