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flower when there is less than a certain number of daylight hours (usually 11-15 hours)
a) long-day plants b) nonvascualr plants c) rainy-day plants d) short-day plants
response of plants to turn towards light
a) gravitropsim b) hemotropism c) phototropism d) supertropism
vascular plants that reproduce without seeds and have feathery fronds that collect light
a) conifer b) fern c) gymnosperm d) annual
have transport tissue for carrying water, nutrients, and sugar
a) monovascular plants b) intervascular plants c) nonvascular plants d) vascular plants
. return year after year
a) annual b) semi-annual c) perennial d) centennial
plants that grow cones which produce seeds
a) angiosperm b) conifer c) gymnosperm d) nonvascular
carries sugar from the leaves to each of the plant’s cells
a) angiosperm b) gymnsoerm c) phloem d) xylem
vascular plant whose seeds are not in a container
a) angiosperm b) gymnosperm c) nonvascular d) perennial
Seeds germinate by absorbing
a) light b) nutrients c) paper towels d) water
very short green nonvascular plant that does not have true roots, stems, or leaves
a) angiosperm b) gravitropism c) moss d) pine tree
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