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showing a quick mind; smart
a) clever b) preen c) brag d) horrified
to clean or trim with the beak
a) mirror b) preen c) waddled d) approached
not speaking too highly of oneself
a) carpet b) rude c) humble d) tart
moved from side to side when walking
a) rude b) approached c) roost d) waddled
a small pie
a) approached b) roost c) tart d) humble
shocked;filled with alarm
a) tart b) clever c) humble d) horrified
rug;fabric floor covering
a) carpet b) mirror c) roost d) brag
a) brag b) rude c) clever d) preen
a surface that reflects light
a) pan b) floor c) mirror d) tart
came near to
a) clever b) horrified c) distant d) approached
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