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This word means happiness.
a) contentment b) available c) mature d) keen
This word means to change something.
a) resemble b) ferocious c) vary d) detecting
To grow and develop over time is to ......
a) resemble b) mature c) keen d) vary
If something is ready to be used and taken it is ......
a) available b) unobserved c) particular d) detecting
This word means to be specific or special.
a) available b) vary c) contentment d) particular
If it is hidden or unnoticed it is .....
a) ferocious b) keen c) unobserved d) mature
If a dog is sharp and alert it is ......
a) ferocious b) keen c) resemble d) particular
This word means to be very aggressive and scary.
a) available b) detecting c) ferocious d) resemble
Working to discover something is the definition of which word?
a) contentment b) unobserved c) particular d) detecting
This word means to be or to look similar to something or someone.
a) keen b) resemble c) unobserved d) mature
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