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The Earth moves around the Sun in a path called a(n) ________________.
a) planet b) axis c) constellation d) orbit
Earth is a(n) _______________ that gives off no light of its own.
a) planet b) axis c) solar system d) constellation
As Earth travels around the Sun, Earth also rotates on its ______________.
a) planet b) solar system c) axis d) orbit
Stars can be seen in patterns called _________________.
a) orbit b) constellation c) solar system d) planet
The Sun, Earth, and seven other planets are part of the _________________.
a) axis b) constellation c) orbit d) solar system
It takes one ______________ for Earth to make a complete revolution around the Sun.
a) day b) week c) year d) month
The Sun appears in one place in the sky in the morning, another in the afternoon, and another in the evening. It looks like the Sun is moving because ___________.
a) Earth is rotating b) the Sun revolves around the Earth c) the Earth revolves around the Sun d) the Sun is rotating
The Moon's gravity makes the oceans rise and fall in _____________ tides.
a) weekly b) annually c) monthly d) daily
The phases of the Moon occur because _____________.
a) the same side of the Moon always faces Earth. b) Earth rotates. c) the Moon revolves around the Earth. d) the Moon rotates.
What is the name for the Moon phase when we cannot see the Moon in the night sky on a clear night?
a) New Moon b) Full Moon c) Waxing Crescent d) Waning Crescent
Which of the following is a common object people claim to be able to see on the Moon?
a) A Transformer b) A kitten c) A bicycle d) A rabbit
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