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Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence, was President of the Continental Congress, and owned the ship the Liberty that was seized by the British?
a) James Otis b) Benjamin Franklin c) John Hancock d) Mercy Otis Warren
Who served as a spy for the Continental (American) Army, was sentenced to death and said, I only regret that I have but one life to give to my country?
a) Baron von Steubeun b) Edward Braddock c) Marquis de Lafayette d) Nathan Hale
Who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, secure help from the French during the American Revolution, and negotiated the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War?
a) Thomas Paine b) George Washington c) Benjamin Franklin d) James Otis
Who has the African American inventor that corresponded with Thomas Jefferson about the issue of slavery?.
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Frederick Douglass c) Paul Revere d) Benjamin Banneker
She was the wife of the 2nd president a prominent women's rights advocate.  She told her husband to,  Remember the Ladies
a) Abigail Adams b) Molly Pitcher c) Jane Pickman d) Mercy Otis Warren
Representative at the First Continental Congress and delivered the a speach encouraging seperation from Great Britain.  In this speech he said, I know not what course others will take; but for me, give me liberty or give me death.
a) Samuel Adams b) Patrick Henry c) Alexander Hamilton d) James Madison
Who founded the Sons of Liberty, organized the Boston Tea Party, and helped create the Committees of Correspondence?
a) Patrick Henry b) John Adams c) Baron von Steuben d) Samuel Adams
 He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and his Declaration of Rights for Virginia was the model for a portion the Declaration of Independence.  He also drafted the Virgina Bill of Rights.
a) George Mason b) James Madison c) Paul Revere d) Patrick Henry
He helped write the Declaration of Independence, was a member of the Continental Congress, and defended the British soldiers on trial for the events of the Boston Masacre. Nominated George Washington to serve as the commander of the Continental Army.
a) John Hancock b) John Adams c) Sam Adams d) Thomas Jefferson
Who was an advisor to George Washington both during and after the Revolutionary War?  Before the end of the American Revolution he was also an officer and fought in the battle of Trenton
a) Alexander Hamilton b) John Hancock c) Ethan Allen d) Benjamin Franklin
1. He was a Representative from Virgina to the Continental Congress.  He was also the main author of the Declaration of Independence
a) James Madison b) John Hancock c) Alexander Hamilton d) Thomas Jefferson
Who was the  Commander of the Continental (American) Army that led the Americans to victory during the American Revolution?.
a) Ethan Allen b) Edward Braddock c) George Washington d) John Adams
Who was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, and became an important leader in the colonies?  He is also known as the Father of the Constitution.
a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson c) Ethan Allen d) James Madison
Who was the leader of the colonial militial, The Green Mountain Boys and successfully captured Ft. Ticonderoga during the American Revolution?
a) Benedict Arnold b) James Otis c) Ethan Allen d) George Washington
He was a wealthy, young frenchman who volunteered in the Continental Army and  brought a group of well trained soldiers, and became a trusted adviser of George Washington.
a) Marquis de Lafayette b) Baron von Steuben c) Ethan Allen d) Benjamin Banneker
Who was responsible for creating an elaborate carving titled The Bloody Massacre which was used as propaganda against the British, and was known for riding to warn that the British were coming during the battles of Lexington and Concord?
a) Thomas Paine b) Marquis de Lafayette c) Paul Revere d) Samuel Adams
 A poet and writer who was an activist for women's rights and who corresponded with Abigail Adams.
a) Dolley Madison b) Molly Pitcher c) Betsy Ross d) Mercy Otis Warren
Wrote the pamphlet Common Sense which advocated American Independence.  Also wrote the Crisis which read These are the times which try men's souls.
a) Patrick Henry b) Thomas Paine c) Benjamin Banneker d) Nathan Hale
Who was the expierenced military officer from Prussia who trained the American troops and developed camp sanitation to reduce disease in the camps?
a) Baron von Steuben b) Marquis de Lafayette c) James Madison d) Ethan Allen
Political activist and lawyer in colonial Massachusetts during the period leading up to the American Revolution. Said, Taxation without representation is tyranny.  Also, he argued general warrants or writs of assistance were unconstitutional.
a) James Madison b) John Adams c) George Mason d) James Otis
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