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A solo song revealing inner emotions
a) aria b) recitative c) overture d) entr'acte
Sung Dialogue is called
a) recitative b) aria c) overture d) libretto
He leads the show from the pit
a) conductor b) composer c) arranger d) principal
This music covers scene changes or action on the stage
a) incidental music b) overture c) entre'acte d) aria
This is the little book containing the words of the show
a) libretto b) score c) supernumerary d) incidental music
He writes the music
a) composer b) arranger c) conductor d) principal
This book contains all the music for a show
a) score b) libretto c) principal d) sumernumerary
It's a fancy word for 'extras'
a) supernumeries b) conductor c) chorus d) composer
It's an instrumental introduction to the show
a) overture b) entre'acte c) score d) libretto
It's an instrumental introduction to a second or third act
a) entre'acte b) libretto c) overture d) score
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