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What can sound travel through?
a) A solid b) A liquid c) A gas d) All of these
The type of waves that travel through space where there is no matter are called ___________________.
a) Transverse Waves b) Compressional Waves c) Electromagnetic Waves d) Sound waves
Transverse and compressional waves are both types of ___________.
a) Chemical Waves b) Sound Waves c) Mechanical Waves d) Ocean Waves
Which type of wave can go up and down or side to side?
a) Transverse waves b) Compressional Waves c) Hydrolic Waves d) Ocean Waves
Sounds Waves are a type of
a) Transverse Waves b) Compressional Waves c) Bass Waves d) Light Waves
The object in which the wave travels through is called the _______.
a) Object of interaction b) Path transferance c) mechanism d) Medium
Which of the following is the medium for sound travelling from a vocal cord to an ear drum?
a) The voice b) The ear drum c) The wave d) The air
A rhythmic disturbance that carries energy but not matter is known as a(n) _______.
a) electron b) wave c) volcano d) matter
The top of the wave is called the _________.
a) peak b) crest c) crest or peak d) none of these
The bottom of the wave is called the ___________.
a) trough b) plateau c) base d) billow
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