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Cherokee Land - Which river serves as the northern boundary of the Cherokee land?
a) Ohio River b) Tennessee River c) Savannah River d) Mississippi River
Cherokee River - Which mountain range was part of the Cherokee land?
a) Rocky Mountains b) Tennessee Mountains c) Appalachian Mountains d) Virginia Mountains
Nigeria - The latitude and longitude of Abuja is about....
a) 9 N, 9 E b) 9 N, 7 E c) 12 N, 8 E d) 5 N, 7 E
Nigeria - Which city in Nigeria is located nearest to 4 degrees N?
a) Sokoto b) Abuja c) Lagos d) Port Harcourt
Nigeria - Which city has a latitude and longitude of about 6 degrees N, 3 degrees E?
a) Maiduguri b) Sokoto c) Lagos d) Port Harcourt
Nigeria - What city is the national capital?
a) Sokoto b) Abuja c) Kano d) Port Harcourt
East Albion - Which part of East Albion is used for forests?
a) northeast b) southwest c) southeast d) northwest
East Albion - Which three resources are found near the Glass Mountains?
a) gold, silver, and oil b) coal, gold, and oil c) coal, gold, and silver d) coal, silver, and oil
East Albion - How is the land between the Merlin River and the Albion River mainly used?
a) farming b) manufacturing c) oil production d) mining
East Albion - Which part of East Albion is used mainly for manufacturing?
a) northwest b) southwest c) northeast d) central
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