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Did the bank increase in people or decrease in people?
a) increased b) decreased c) both d) none of the above
How many clerks were in the banks?
a) 1900 b) 2990 c) 44000 d) 45774
What was the name of the write who became famous?
a) Anthony Trollope b) James Bob c) Gorge Cortez d) Alexander Rivera
Who was in lowest Class?
a) Juniorclerk b) the chairman c) none d) both
What was some of the maid's duties?
a) clean the bedrooms b) cleaning the jewelry c) put away dresses from yesterday d) all of the above
Was being a maid hard work?
a) yes b) no c) not a choice d) not a choice
What was the blonde soap also called?
a) dish soap b) toilet soap c) bath soap d) none of the above
When was the first dress patterns?
a) 1860 b) 1920 c) 1836 d) none of the above
Were the outfits of the middle class made by themselves?
a) yes b) no c) sometimes d) not a choice
What year was the year of world fashion?
a) 1830 b) 1850 c) 1840 d) 1860
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