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To compare information visually.
a) Chart or Table b) Table of Contents c) Headings and subheadings d) Diagrams
To explain the meaning of the colors and symbols on a map
a) Title b) Map Legend c) Map d) Chart or table
To show when things happen
a) Table of Contents b) Title c) Index d) Time Line
To organize information containing numbers
a) Graph b) Index c) Chart or Table d) Glossary
Tells us where we can find specifidc information on topics in the book
a) Glossary b) Index c) Bold Key Words d) Title
Tell us important vocabulary words
a) Glossary b) Index c) Bold Key Words d) Table of Contents
Gives definitions for important vocab in the text
a) Captions and Labels b) Index c) Key Bold Words d) Glossary
Tells the topic of the text
a) Title b) Headings and Subheadings c) Captions and Labels d) Graph
To show the parts of something
a) Chart or Table b) Diagram c) Map d) Map Legend
Tell us what pictures, diagrams, and graphs are showing us
a) Map b) Index c) Captions and Labels d) Headings and subheadings
To show locations, routes, and events
a) Table of Contents b) Index c) Map Legend d) Map
Tell us what the major sections of a chapter will be about
a) Table of Contents b) Headings and subheadings c) Time Line d) Captions and Labels
Tells us what the major chapters of the book will be about and where they are
a) Index b) Title c) Chart or Table d) Table of Contents
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