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What word does not describe conflict?
a) A Fight b) A Misunderstanding c) Getting Along d) A Tiff
What is a way to avoid conflicts?
a) Being Mean b) Using Manners c) Tattling d) Getting Physical
What is a good way to resolve a conflict?
a) Say I'm Sorry b) Do Not Do Anything c) Tell the Principal d) Tattle
What is a way we can be good citizens?
a) By Not Helping b) Be Kind to Others c) Not Using Manners d) Watching TV
What will happen if we use our manners in the classroom?
a) Nothing b) No one will be nice c) The teacher will be mad d) It will be a safe place
Treat others the way you like to be treated means:
a) Be kind to others and they will be kind to you b) Be nice to people c) Give people treats d) People will give me treats
How can conflicts make us feel?
a) Happy b) Joyful c) Sad d) They make us smile
How can we avoid conflicts?
a) Talk out our problems b) Get in fights c) Argue d) Do not share
What is a good manner to use?
a) No b) Please c) Shut Up d) Get away
Who should we tell if there is a real emergency?
a) Teacher b) No one c) Pets d) Little Sister
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