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When two air masses meet this is formed:
a) air mass b) front c) tornado d) cloud
Which air mass is dry and warm?
a) maritime tropical b) maritime polar c) continental tropical d) continental polar
Layered clouds that cover much of the sky that are dull gray in color
a) stratus b) cirrus c) cumulus d) fog
a dome of water that sweeps across the coast where a hurricane lands is a
a) hurricane b) tornado c) storm surge d) isotherm
Differences in air pressure create
a) wind b) tornado c) hurricane d) cold front
What type of air mass is warm and wet
a) maritime polar b) maritime tropical c) continental tropical d) continental polar
A rapidly whirling, funnel shaped cloud that reaches from a storm cloud to Earth is a
a) hurricane b) storm surge c) tornado d) thunderstorm
A storm that forms over warm ocean water
a) hurricane b) tornado c) blizzards d) thunder
On a weather map, ared line with semi circles indicates a
a) cold front b) warm front c) stationary front d) occluded front
This is the calm area of a hurricane
a) wall b) eye c) wind d) spin
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