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Desktop publishing software can be used for many of the same classroom activities and products as word processing software
a) True b) False c) d)
Web page editors/ Web design software
a) allow people to create web pages using a web page to aide design b) allow people to create web pages using high level programming language c) allow people to create web pages in the same way they would use word processing to create documents. d)
this tool is available in multiple brands and each comes with a complimentary download of interactive activities, it has become quite popular recently, and teachers can use these to integrate virtual manipulatives
a) webquest b) interactive whiteboard c) graphic document makers d)
Database software is
a) still used by most teachers today but most use it as a part of a greater database software created for a whole school b) is created by teachers regularly to help with organization and classroom management c) Teacher do no teach data base concepts to students anymore because it is out of date d)
features of this tool include: a variety of formats to choose from and instant tracking and visual summaries of data. This tool can be used for student polling, teaching survey design, teaching data analysis, ect.
a) charting and graphing software b) online survey tools c) computer assisted testing d)
which one of these is not something that hypermedia in the classroom can provide
a) Flexible learning modes b) Development of creative and critical thinking skills c) Increased problem solving ability d) Increased motivation
Integration methods for _________ include, game based reviews, interactive storybooks, student created presentations
a) interactive presentation hypermedia b) video editing software c) visual literacy instruction d)
young people living visually and virtually from handheld screens, smart phones, and computers who increasingly need multiple forms of literacy, especially visual literacy, which is to images what reading and writing are to words
a) computer kids b) screenagers c) virtual youth d)
a) a b) c) d)
a) a b) c) d)
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