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similar nature
a) grappling b) kindred c) kinsmen d) usurper
to bestow much upon
a) lavish b) insinuate c) surmise d) entreat
a) malice b) posterity c) prowress d) palpable
to make the most of your time
a) carpe diem b) reconnoiter c) pyre d) illuminate
to enlighten
a) omen b) surmise c) illuminate d) weild
one who takes over
a) usurper b) minion c) patriarch d) kinsmen
to cleanse completely
a) rebuke b) purge c) marred d) impede
The Green Arrow's ______ with a bow is only matched by Robin Hood.
a) weild b) insatiable c) kindred d) prowress
She didn't come out and say I would be fired if I brought my pet monkey to work again, but she _______ it.
a) grappled b) marred c) insinuated d) illuminated
The cannibal's secret refrigerator was full of ______ horrors!
a) grisly b) decapitate c) insatiable d) undaunted
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