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What were the boats called that they put prisoners in?
a) Hulks b) Panopticon c) Punishers d) Floating Beasts
What was the name of the Criminal caught in 1888?
a) Jake the Ripper b) Jack the Ripper c) Joey the Ripper d) Joe the Ripper
When did the police force stop doing public hangins
a) 1812 b) 1849 c) 1889 d) 1869
What was the new type of prison called?
a) Paleponian b) Baconstan c) Panopticon d) Trumbull
When was a paid police force established?
a) 1888 b) 1829 c) 2006 d) 1813
What is one kind of torture mentioned?
a) The Pear b) The Saw c) Decapitation d) Public Humiliation
What was one way people were executed?
a) Hangings b) Shocked to Death c) Drowned d) Stoned
What could boys be arrested for?
a) Knocking on doors b) kicking trash cans c) buying merchandise d) looking loitering
Could you be arrested because of playing music in public?
a) true b) false c) not a choice d) not a choice
Did Jack the Ripper have a nickname?
a) true b) false c) not a choice d) not a choice
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