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strong with cordlike muscles.
a) malevolent b) manipulate c) sinewy d) apparition
not promising or hopeful.
a) proverbial b) malevolent c) forlorn d) bleak
danger, exposure to harm.
a) peril b) social c) speculative d) unprecedented
anything that appears unexpectedly or in an extraordinary way; ghost.
a) speculative b) apparition c) tawny d) sinewy
sad, lonely, hopeless.
a) trough b) rendezvous c) phenomenon d) forlorn
party or gathering, especially when held by members of a group.
a) social b) apparition c) speculative d) unruffled
coaxing; flattering.
a) proverbial b) tawny c) wheedling d) unprecedented
accusation of wrongdoing, criminal charge.
a) translucent b) arc c) bleak d) indictment
well known because commonly referred to.
a) inexorable b) translucent c) kindling d) proverbial
partially transparent.
a) tether b) aesthetic c) translucent d) phenomenon
follow a curved course.
a) inexorable b) arc c) divert d) aesthetic
treat or operate with the hands in a skillful manner.
a) unprecedented b) manipulate c) wheedling d) kindling
of a warm sandy color.
a) tawny b) bleak c) malevolent d) aesthetic
theoretical, not practical.
a) speculative b) proverbial c) unprecedented d) forlorn
transparent crystal form that distorts light that passes through it.
a) sinewy b) inexorable c) prism d) arc
having or showing hatred.
a) rendezvous b) unruffled c) malevolent d) inexorable
long, shallow container for water or animal feed.
a) indictment b) prism c) apparition d) trough
unheard of; new.
a) phenomenon b) unruffled c) aesthetic d) unprecedented
place designated for meeting or assembly.
a) social b) sinewy c) rendezvous d) prism
small sticks of wood or other materials used for starting a fire.
a) trough b) kindling c) rendezvous d) speculative
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