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New York was originally founded by the
a) Dutch b) English c) French d) Spanish
Peter Stuyvesant was unpopular in New Amsterdam because
a) He ruled harshly b) He taxed heavilty c) He did not tolerate different religions d) He hated diversity
Pennsylvania was founded by
a) Duke of York b) Peter Stuyvesant c) William Penn d) John Winthrop
The City of Brotherly Love is
a) New York b) New Amsterdam c) Boston d) Philadelphia
Delaware was originally a part of
a) New York b) New Jersey c) Pennsylvania d) Connecticut
The Quakers were were different than the Puritans because they
a) they were persecuted in England b) left the Church of England c) came to America in search of religious toleration d) they believed in equality among all peoples
The middle colonies consisted of
a) New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut b) Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire c) New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia d) Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey
In the middle colonies, government was usually carried out at the
a) town level b) county level c) d)
The georgraphy of the middle colonies is characterized by
a) milder winters and longer growing seasons b) cold winters and short summers c) warm temperature year round d)
The middle colonies became known as the breadbasket colonies because
a) they traded cattle and pigs b) they farmed pumpkins and squash c) they grew wheat, barley, and rye d)
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