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Which of the following is NOT caused by plate tectonics?
a) earthquakes b) volcanoes c) hurricanes d) mountains
Which of the following would reduce the amount of smog?
a) driving more b) composting more garbage c) using renewable sources of energy instead of burning fossil fuels d) building more factories
Which of the following is needed for hydroelectric power?
a) sun b) wind c) corn d) water
Which of the following can cause acid rain?
a) the use of solar panels b) the use of dams c) burning coal in a factory d) recycling
Renewable resources are resources that
a) are easily replaced by the earth b) take millions of years to create c) are made by humans d) are made from living things
Which items make up the most garbage produced by houses and businesses?
a) food waste b) metal c) paper and packaging d) rubber
Most of our electricity comes from power plants run by burning
a) oil b) gas c) coal d) wood
The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth and acts like a blanked is the
a) atmosphere b) core c) crust d) fertilizer
Which of the following contributes most to global warming?
a) water b) carbon dioxide c) oxygen d) plants
Which of the following would reduce your ecological footprint?
a) taking longer showers b) donating your old clothes c) throwing away more food d) leaving the TV on
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