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calm and controlled
a) prior b) canine c) poised d) citrus
something that happens in real life or in a story; an event
a) canine b) incident c) figment d) radiant
to destroy completely; to leave in utter ruin
a) canine b) incident c) figment d) annihilate
shining, bright; giving off light or energy
a) saga b) canine c) pending d) radiant
unfinished; remaining to be decided
a) prior b) canine c) radiant d) pending
useless; unsuccessful
a) figment b) fruitless c) citrus d) prior
doubt; the state of being unsure
a) pending b) radiant c) incident d) uncertainty
fruit of the family that includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes
a) avert b) canine c) prior d) citrus
a story of heroic exploits; a long, detailed account
a) avert b) radiant c) ajar d) saga
having a very bad reputation; famous for something evil
a) avert b) incident c) citrus d) infamous
earlier, former
a) poised b) prior c) ajar d) citrus
of, or relating to, dogs
a) prior b) radiant c) pending d) canine
something that is made up in the mind but has no connection to reality
a) radiant b) incident c) figment d) avert
to prevent or avoid
a) avert b) figment c) saga d) ajar
partly open
a) saga b) avert c) ajar d) prior
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