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The loose, weathered material on Earth's surface in which plants can grow
a) bedrock b) soil c) humus d) soil horizon
the solid layer of rock beneath the soil
a) bedrock b) soil c) litter d) topsoil
The decayed organic matter in soil
a) Loam b) Litter c) Topsoil d) Humus
The measure of how well soil supports plant growth
a) subsoil b) humus c) loam d) fertility
soil that is made up of equal parts of clay, sand, and silt
a) loam b) soil c) bedrock d) litter
The layer of soil that differs in color and texture from the layers above or below it
a) decomposers b) topsoil c) fertility d) soil horizon
the horizon A is made up of this and is a crumbly, dark brown soil that is a mixture of humus, clay, and other minerals
a) litter b) subsoil c) soil d) topsoil
the horizon B is made up of this and consists of clay and other particles
a) topsoil b) subsoil c) humus d) loam
The loose layer of dead plant leaves and stems on the surface of the soil
a) litter b) loam c) fertility d) humus
the organisms that break the remains of dead organisms into smaller pieces and digest them with chemicals
a) loam b) topsoil c) decomposers d) humus
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