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What are friends and followers of Jesus called?
a) gifts b) Sacraments c) faith d) disciples
What is the sin of the first man and woman called?
a) a lie b) Original Sin c) grace d) honesty
How do we begin our life in the Catholic Church?
a) Stations of the Cross b) Sacraments of Healing c) Sacraments of Initiation d) Reconciliation
What is a special sign of God's love and presence?
a) a Sacrament b) water c) candle d) dove
We must use our gifts to be more like who?
a) the bishop b) Paul c) the priest d) Jesus
Who may baptize in some cases?
a) only men b) anyone c) grandparents d) women
What grows when share our gifts?
a) the Church b) team c) school d) Temple
Who is the light of the world?
a) Cornelius b) Jesus Christ c) Saint Peter d) the bishop
The Sacraments of Initiation are Baptism, Confirmation, and ______.
a) Ordination b) Healing c) Reconciliation d) Eucharist
Jesus came to _______.
a) Forgive sins b) Bring sorrow c) Take pain away d) Pray
Abeni's school friends helped her ______ the Baptism of the new baby.
a) forget b) remember c) celebrate d) believe
What is the Sacrament that takes away Original Sin?
a) church b) grace c) Baptism d) apostles
Who is an ordained leader of a diocese?
a) a bishop b) a priest c) a pope d) a nun
Cornelius and his family were baptized by the _______.
a) church b) baptism c) Apostle Peter d) grace
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