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Modern weapons made trench warfare
a) Better b) Necessary c) The Same d) Harder
Yellow Journalism like the one below made people want to
a) Vote b) Go to War c) Stay out of War d) Isolate Themselves
What year did the U.S. enter into World War I
a) 1916 b) 1917 c) 1918 d) 1914
The Roosevelt Corollary that the US used as Big Stick Policy was a link to what doctrine?
a) Monroe b) James c) Isolation d) Protection
US Imperialism is a result of what war?
a) World War I b) World War II c) Spanish American War d) American Revolution
Wilson's 14 Points blamed who for the War?
a) Italy b) Germany c) France d) England
The US wanted the islands of Hawaii, Guam, and the Philippines for what?
a) Raw Materials b) Continue Manifest Destiny c) Start Wars d) Make Allies
Isolationists do not want to be involved in what?
a) Change b) War c) Decicions d) Debt
The US has taken away Rights in the name of Safety
a) True b) False c) d)
What forest did the Germans have a stalemate until the US pushed through.
a) Redwood b) Argonne c) Sherwood d) 1
What started World War I?
a) Sinking of the Maine b) Archduke Assasination c) Sinking of Lusitania d) US declaring War on Germany
World War I created a good economy in the US
a) True b) False c) d)
What War did the US help Cuba gain it's Independence?
a) Spanish-American b) World War I c) World War II d) Civil War
World War I was a war of stalemate. What is a stalemate?
a) Neither side is moving b) Both sides are Moving c) Both sides give up d) Trenches cause a lot of disease
Supreme Court case Schneck VS. the US said there is a
a) everyone is created equal b) clear and present danger c) Schools need to be equal d) separate but equal
The Zimmerman Telegram was between Germany and what country?
a) China b) Italy c) Mexico d) France
The United States joined the League of Nations.
a) True b) False c) d)
Congress has to declare war, they are also the ones to
a) ApproveTreatys b) create alliances c) Create Yellow Jounalism d) Break Alliances
One of the things that separated WWI from other wars was?
a) Trench Warfare b) Years c) technology of weapons d) Where the war took place
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