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Organisms that break down dead matter are __________________.
a) Composting b) decomposers c) niche d) carnivore
A mouse is prey to ____________ such as hawks and owls.
a) predators b) scavenger c) food chain d) community
Gardener scan recycle plant materials by _________________.
a) Food chain b) decomposers c) composting d) abiotic factor
Soil is an example of an ________________ in an ecosystem.
a) abiotic factor b) precipitation c) biotic factor d) population
The burning of fossil fuels releases ______________ into the air.
a) population b) carbon dioxide c) biotic factor d) community
A hyena is considered a ________________ because it feeds only on the remains of dead animals.
a) predators b) decomposer c) composting d) scavenger
Snow, rain, sleet, and hail are all examples of _____________________.
a) carbon dioxide b) precipitation c) water cycle d) nitrogen cycle
Denitrifying bacteria play an important role in the _________________.
a) nitrogen cycle b) carbon dioxide c) water cycle d) food chain
A plant is an example of a(n) _________________ in an ecosystem .
a) biotic factor b) carbon dioxide c) nitrogen cycle d) carnivore
What species eats and the kind of environment it needs to live in are both factors that help to determine that species' ________________.
a) composing b) community c) population d) niche
A mountain lion is a(n) ________________ because it eats only other animals.
a) carnivore b) scavenger c) predators d) decomposers
All deer living in a forest ecosystem make up a(n) __________________.
a) abiotic factors b) decomposer c) population d) community
Energy is passed from producers to consumers to decomposers in a(n) ________________.
a) food chain b) population c) water cycle d) abiotic factor
Evaporation is a process that occurs in the _________________.
a) nitrogen cycle b) niche c) water cycle d) predators
Snake, lizard, bird, deer, and raccoon populations help to make up a prairie __________________.
a) community b) composting c) population d) biotic factor
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