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Define QUENCH.
a) bitter b) to reply to c) eat d) to satisfy
to break courage completely
a) retort b) strife c) dismay d) adrift
full of evil intent
a) envy b) malice c) adrift d) toil
to covet
a) dismay b) quench c) envy d) strife
to reply to
a) strife b) malice c) ignorant d) retort
hard, continuous work
a) toil b) inquire c) haste d) strife
not knowing
a) questioning b) inconvenient c) ignorant d) haste
bitter conflict
a) dismay b) quench c) malice d) strife
floating with no control
a) inconvenient b) adrift c) haste d) malice
a) forge b) malice c) haste d) toil
heating and pounding into shape
a) haste b) envy c) adrift d) forge
a) inquire b) inconvenient c) ignorant d) malice
causing trouble or problems
a) forge b) ignorant c) inconvenient d) adrift
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