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What is the abilty to read and write.
a) Famine b) Literacy c) Pandemic d) Assess
What is a member of a small group of soldiers that attack suddenly and disappear into hiding?
a) pandemic b) Guerrilla c) Famine d) Literacy
What is extreme scarcity of food in a region?
a) Pandemic b) Assess c) Famine d) Volunteer
What is a person who offers to do something by his or her choice?
a) Defend b) Assess c) Volunteer d) Defend
To evaluate
a) Assess b) Anticipate c) Defend d) Famine
To protect
a) Assess b) Anticipate c) Defend d) Complie
To predict
a) Assess b) Anticipate c) Defend d) Compile
What is an outbreak of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region?
a) Volunteer b) Pandemic c) Literacy d) Complie
To put together
a) Compile b) Emphasize c) Anticipate d) Assess
To bring attention to something
a) Compile b) Emphasize c) Anticipate d) Volunteer
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