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True or False? Dinosaur bones have only been found in the eastern parts of the earth.
a) False b) True c) d)
True or False? The fossil record provides clear evidence of a worldwide flood.
a) True b) False c) d)
Fossils have been found in which of the following substances?
a) Tar b) Ice c) Amber d) All of these.
Permanently frozen soil is called:
a) Amber b) Tar c) Ice d) Permafrost
When bone or wood is replaced by minerals that harden into rock, it is called:
a) Mold b) Cast c) Petrified fossil d) Carbon film
A fossil formed when part of a plant or animal decays underneath the weight of sediment, leaving an image of itself behind is called:
a) Mold b) Cast c) Petrified fossil d) Carbon film
When fine sediment is pressed into a mold and a copy of the organism is formed, it is called:
a) Mold b) Cast c) Petrified fossil d) Trace fossil
A fossil that is not actually part of an organism, but of something left behind, like a footprint, is called:
a) Mold b) Cast c) Petrified Fossil d) Trace fossil
Any part or trace of a living organism naturally preserved after it dies is called:
a) paleontology b) fossil c) carbon dating d) carbon 14
Is the following statement a Creationist or evolutionist viewpoint?: Birds developed from dinosaurs.
a) Evolutionist b) Creationist c) d)
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