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A benefit of paying with cash is:
a) It's your money b) You do not have to get a loan for it c) You can only spend what you have d) All of the above
When you have the opportunity to, you should pay with a ____ card first.
a) Debit b) Credit c) Neither d) Both
Whenever you use your credit card; you will have to pay ___ along with the cash you borrowed.
a) credit b) interest c) income d) taxes
Debit cards are preferred over credit cards for most consumers because....
a) it's tied to your bank account b) there are interest charges c) it builds you credit score d) all of the above
When writing the amount of a check; you should always start from the far left because
a) it looks neat b) prevents others from adding numbers to your check c) so you don't run out of room d) b and c only
Balancing your checkbook is important because...
a) you know how much money you have left b) takes up time c) promotes overspending d) is not advised
T/F Purchasing a home is usually the biggest purchase a person will ever make.
a) True b) False c) d)
Renting instead of buying means...
a) You can move easier b) Your are investing smarter c) You own it d) None of the Above
A loan for a home is called a _______.
a) 401K b) IRA c) Loan d) Mortgage
When buying a home you must remember other expenses like...
a) maintenance b) insurance c) utilities d) all of the above
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