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Where is Robinson Crusoe from?
a) Germany b) England c) Ireland d) United States
What did Crusoe's father wanted him to have as a career?
a) Doctor b) Captain of a ship c) Plantation owner d) Lawyer
How come his father did not want him to travel?
a) b) It wasn't safe. c) Wanted him to live a calm life d)
Who did he become a slave for?
a) Moors b) New Guineans c) Brazilians d) Spanish
Why did he go back to Guinea after being a successful plantation owner?
a) He wanted to get slaves on an expedition for a few neighbors in Brazil and he would get an equal share of the Slaves. b) His plantation was going out of business. c) Other Brazilians (plantation owners) were pushing him out d) He want to travel the world.
What was Crusoe's last name?
a) Brighton b) Lewis c) Livingston d) Gerwinster
Where was he going on his first voyage?
a) London b) Paris c) Morocco d) Madrid
a) Dfff b) c) d)
a) b) Cccx c) d)
a) b) c) d) Fdff
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