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public shame, disgrace or dishonor
a) anathema b) ignominy c) motley d) docile
lacking social graces; tackless
a) banter b) anathema c) docile d) gauche
a hated, repellant person
a) anathema b) ignominy c) libation d) castigate
teasing; playful conversation
a) ignominy b) motley c) banter d) castigate
easy to teach or manage
a) emaciated b) docile c) anathema d) libation
the crime of holding a belief that goes against the church
a) heresy b) castigate c) banter d) gauche
extremely thin; wasted away
a) docile b) anathema c) ignominy d) emaciated
a drink, usually alcoholic
a) libation b) gauche c) anathema d) heresy
to criticize or punish severely
a) ignominy b) castigate c) banter d) motley
made up of dissimilar parts; being of many colors
a) motley b) heresy c) gauche d) banter
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