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What word means to become very upset or frantic?
a) distraught b) apprehensive c) ironic d) intrigued
What word means to mock or become sacrastic with words?
a) distraught b) intrigued c) ironic d) aptitude
What word means to be nervous or uneasy?
a) aptitude b) apprehensive c) hoard d) glared
What word means curious or fascinated?
a) ironic b) glared c) bewildered d) intrigued
What word means having a talent or a gift?
a) aptitude b) infraction c) hoarded d) apprehensive
What word means looked at angrily?
a) aptitude b) glared c) gravitating d) infraction
What word means saved in a safe place or reserved?
a) distraught b) aptitude c) hoarded d) bewildered
What word means breaking of a rule or law?
a) aptitude b) ironic c) intrigued d) infraction
What word means very confused?
a) glared b) bewildered c) distraught d) hoarded
What word means being attracted to or moving toward?
a) apprehensive b) ironic c) gravitating d) glared
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