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a word that modifies or describes a verb
a) adverb b) adjective c) modify d) sequence
part of speech that describes a noun
a) adjective b) cause c) adverb d) effect
to change or add to
a) sequence b) modify c) motivation d) series of events
the order in which events occur
a) adverb b) compund predicate c) sequence d) effect
to make or make happen
a) compund subject b) modify c) effect d) cause
result, something produced by a cause
a) cause b) adverb c) modify d) effect
the reason or incentive for an action
a) motivation b) sequence c) adverb d) series of events
connected story sections in order
a) sequence b) series of events c) effect d) compound predicate
more than one subject in the sentence
a) compound predicate b) series of events c) compound subject d) sequence
more than one verb in a sentence
a) compound subject b) sequence c) adjective d) compound predicate
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