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blushing pink red
a) remorseful b) flush c) ebbed d) gait
in a sitting or lying position; lacking will or power
a) acrid b) fleeting c) remorseless d) prostrate
strong reaction against something
a) ignorant b) ebbed c) revulsion d) hoarsely
sternly; seriously
a) ebbed b) grimly c) insistent d) flush
passing quickly
a) fleeting b) envious c) ebbed d) gait
way of walking
a) ignorant b) exultant c) gait d) fleeting
lacking education and knowledge
a) ignorant b) exultant c) gentility d) acrid
jubilant; proud; excited
a) insistent b) revulsion c) exultant d) envious
with a deep, scratchy voice
a) hoarsely b) prostrate c) grimly d) insistent
superior social status
a) exultant b) ignorant c) gait d) gentility
lessened; diminished in intensity
a) fleeting b) ebbed c) gait d) insistent
wanting something that is owned or possessed by another person
a) envious b) grimly c) exultant d) remorseless
feeling no regret or remorse
a) remorseless b) gait c) acrid d) fleeting
firmly demanding something persistant
a) grimly b) revulsion c) insistent d) flush
bitter and unpleasant
a) ebbed b) remorseless c) hoarsely d) acrid
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