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irritating; angering
a) balmy b) rueful c) galling d) tangent
undertaking; involving risk
a) venture b) tangent c) faltered d) balmy
hesitated; wavered
a) instinct b) retorted c) faltered d) receded
showing contempt or hatred for
a) elated b) exasperated c) galling d) scornful
a) rueful b) scornful c) elated d) melancholy
diminished; became less in value or quality
a) venture b) retorted c) tangent d) receded
natural behavior
a) instinct b) venture c) self-deprecation d) faltered
irritated; annoyed
a) balmy b) exasperated c) scornful d) instinct
showing pity or sympathy
a) scornful b) galling c) melancholy d) rueful
a change of course
a) tangent b) instinct c) faltered d) receded
relaxing weather with a comfortable temperature
a) tangent b) retorted c) balmy d) rueful
to put oneself down; reduce in importance
a) galling b) self-deprecation c) elated d) venture
replied in anger
a) retorted b) rueful c) melancholy d) tangent
depression; sadness
a) balmy b) exasperated c) self-deprecation d) melancholy
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