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Who was the American who made a glider with rubber joints?
a) Langley b) Lilienthal c) Wright d) Chanute
What did the Wright brothers use to test their glider at different windspeeds?
a) an air chute b) a box fan c) a wind tunnel d) an A/C unit
What did Linlienthal do?
a) Had a bicycle repair shop. b) Made the first plane with an engine. c) Created a glider with joints that looked like birds' wings and tails. d) Sank a flying machine in the Potomac River.
Who built the disastrous Great Aerodrome with a gasoline engine?
a) Chanute b) Lilienthal c) Langley d) Wright
What city did the Wright brothers first fly their airplane in?
a) Detroit, Michigan b) Kitty Hawk, North Carolina c) Washington, D.C. d) Doggie Falcon, South Carolina
What was the Wright brothers' lifelong hobby?
a) Horseracing b) Autmobiles c) Dog training d) Flying machines
Where did the Wright brothers send a letter for information about flying?
a) Texas A and M University b) Museum of Science and History c) NYU d) Smithsonian Institution
True or False? Some of the Wright brothers' ideas came from books written by Chanute and Langley?
a) True b) False c) d)
When did the first flight with Flyer, an engine-powered airplane, happen?
a) December 17, 1903 b) May 25, 1919 c) October 23, 1990 d) March 23, 1907
True or False? After the 1903 flight, the Wright brothers were NOT eager to show their plane to anyone.
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False? The Wright brothers wanted to produce bicycles for the army.
a) True b) False c) d)
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