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Describing words; words that modify nouns or pronouns.
a) adverbs b) adjectives c) conjunctions d) interjections
Words that show a relationship between the noun or pronoun; they also can show location.
a) conjunctions b) interjections c) prepositions d) adjectives
Words that name people, places, things and ideas.
a) nouns b) verbs c) adverbs d) adjectives
Words used to express emotion.
a) verbs b) adjectives c) interjections d) conjunctions
Words that express an action or state of being.
a) nouns b) verbs c) adverbs d) adjectives
Joins phrases or words together.
a) adjectives b) adverbs c) interjections d) conjunctions
Describes or provides more information about a verb.
a) adjectives b) adverbs c) prepositions d) interjections
Which is NOT a noun?
a) man b) museum c) jump d) love
Which is NOT a verb?
a) hide b) jump c) run d) man
Which is NOT an adverb?
a) jump b) very c) always d) softly
Which is NOT an adjective?
a) pretty b) run c) lazy d) brown
Which is NOT a preposition?
a) at b) under c) sat d) about
Which is NOT a conjunction?
a) and b) but c) yet d) man
Which is NOT an interjection?
a) wow b) loudly c) ouch d) hooray
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