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The variety of life is called?
a) biology b) biotic c) biodiversity d) biosphere
All the chemical processes used to build up or break down materials are called an organisms?
a) homeostasis b) stimuli c) adaptions d) metabolism
similar organisms that can reproduce by interbreeding belong to the same
a) ecosystem b) species c) habitat d) environment
The following is an example of quantitative data
a) 30 students b) red bird c) blue bird d) yellow bird
A stable body temperature of 98.6 degrees is an example of
a) homeostasis b) hypothesis c) homer simpson d) metabolism
qualitative data is
a) describing characterstics hypothetically b) showing exact number amounts c) describing specific characterstics such as color smell etc d) using to form a hypothesis
The most basic unit of life is
a) tissue b) cell c) dna d) ecosystem
Which of the following is not one of the 7 characterstics of all living things?
a) made of cells b) growth and development c) homeostasis d) hypothesis
In an experiment, the variable that the scientist changes and has control over is called the
a) constant b) independent variable c) dependent variable d) control group
Scientists use observations to form and test
a) hypothesis b) constants c) theories d) conclusions
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