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The type of heat transfer that occurs through direct contact between your hand and the handle of the pot.
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d)
The type of heat transfer that occurs when energy travels through space as electromagnetic waves.
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d)
Feeling the sun's warmth on your face
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d)
Burning your feet on hot sand is an example of which type of heat transfer?
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d)
The transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves is called
a) conduction b) radiation c) light emission d) convection
The MAIN source of energy to the climate system is
a) gravitational contraction b) radioactive decay c) solar radiation d) wind power
Within the troposphere, heat is transferred or moved mainly by
a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d)
The atmosphere, land and water absorb energy from the sun and re-radiate the energy in a form called
a) ultraviolet rays b) infrared heat c) x-rays d) visible light
Energy from the sun travels through space as
a) visible light b) radiation c) infrared rays d) ultraviolet rays
Conduction heats only the lowest few centimeters of the atmosphere because
a) air does not come into contact with Earth b) air in the atmosphere comes into direct contact with warm land and water c) molecules of air in the lower atmosphere are close together d) molecules in the upper atmosphere do not collide
Earth's interior or magma is warmer than the surface or crust. As a result the hot magma rises and transfers hat toward the surface in a process called
a) energy balancing b) radiation c) convection d) rotation
Which of the following is NOT an important energy source for Earth's systems?
a) sun b) gravity c) nitrogen d) radioactive decay
Earth's most important EXTERNAL energy source is
a) cosmic radiation b) distant stars c) the moon d) the sun
Energy can enter the Earth system from EXTERNAL sources through
a) radioactive decay b) wind energy c) nitrogen d) solar energy
The type of heat transfer that occurs when heated water in the pot produces moving water or currents
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d)
Most of the energy that heats Earth's atmosphere is
a) visible light b) gamma rays c) microwaves d) infrared radiation
Which object would heat up the quickest?
a) water b) blacktop c) grass d) cement
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