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Plants need this to live
a) water b) fire c) smoke d) soda
You get clean in this place
a) shower b) land fill c) toilet d) garage
Speakers give off
a) sound waves b) light waves c) radiation waves d) infrared waves
A toothbrush is used to clean this part of the body
a) teeth b) toes c) hair d) ears
17-5 is
a) 12 b) 13 c) 14 d) 15
7 x 7 =
a) 49 b) 39 c) 29 d) 19
A washing machine cleans these..
a) clothes b) dishes c) cars d) people
In science, g stands for
a) gravity b) ground c) gorgeous d) ginger
The month after May
a) June b) July c) August d) September
USA stands for
a) United States of America b) Under Seawater Association c) Underwear Still Armed d) Umbrella Selling Association
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