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The Parallel Minor to Eb Major is
a) Eb Minor with three flats b) Eb Minor with six flats c) C Minor with three flats d) C Minor with six flats
The correct spelling for V7/V in the key of C is
a) G B D F b) D F# A C c) C E G Bb d) None of these
If the tonic is G, there are two flats key signature, and all the F's are sharp, the key is likely to be
a) G Harmonic Minor b) Bb Parallel Minor c) G Natural Minor d) G Melodic Minor
If the tonic is F# and the key signature has only one sharp, the key is
a) F# Locrian b) G Major c) E minor d) F# Minor
The interval of C to Bbb ia
a) a diminished 7th b) an augmented 6th c) a minor 7th d) a major 6th
In the key of B Major, which chord is V/V?
a) C# Major b) B Major c) D# Major d) Db Major
If the tonic is G and there are 3 flats in the key signature, the key is
a) G Phrygian b) G Minor c) G Dorian d) G Natural Minor
If the tonic is D and there are no accidentals in the key signature, the key is:
a) D Dorian b) D Minor c) D Phrygian d) D Lydian
The interval of F to Gbb is
a) diminished 2nd b) augmented prime c) minor 2nd d) demented octave
When the key signature has two sharps, the possible tonic keys are
a) B Minor , E Dorian , G Lydian b) D Major, F# Minor B Major c) D Major, D Minor, B Minor d) E Dorian, F# Lydian, Pesta Flat
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