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To get enough sleep you need
a) 7 hours of sleep b) 9 hours of sleep c) 10 hours of sleep d) 8 hours of sleep
Which of the following should you NOT do when trying to sleep?
a) Keep your bedroom dark at night and bright in the morning b) Go to bed at the same time every night c) Sleep in really late on weekends to catch up d) Don't drink caffeine after lunch
A.D.H.D. stands for
a) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder b) alert deficit hormone disorder c) attention deprivation hormone deficit d) association of determined hyperactive Dramamine
Melatonin is a
a) Eating food for energy b) Energy hormone c) Sleep hormone d) Puberty hormone
What are physical consequences of sleep deprivation?
a) Depressed mood and more stress b) Feeling shaky, weak and tired c) Increased aggression d) Difficulty paying attention
What are recruits?
a) Army officers b) Navy officers c) People who have to re-do d) New soldiers in the military
What is a deficit?
a) Having less than what you need b) A certain number c) Having more than what you need d) Acting out in class
Sleep is important for...
a) Staying hydrated b) Brain repair c) Being comfortable d) Having cool dreams
Metabolism means
a) Plants use sunlight to grow b) Burning energy for food c) Being really skinny d) Burning food for energy
Sleep Deprivation is bad because...
a) It can cause obesity b) It can cause car crashes c) It can cause violence and depression d) All of the above
Tendency means
a) likelihood to do something b) ability to do something c) being correct d) not having enough
Affect means
a) to be different b) to avoid something c) to produce a change or effect d) to keep the same
Factor means
a) one thing b) data from a survey c) a change d) something that causes a result
If you are accurate then you are...
a) somewhat correct b) exact; correct c) almost precise d) not close at all
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