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What tool would you use to look at the moon/
a) a telescope b) a hand lens c) a microscope d) a thermometer
What does a graduated cylinder measure?
a) volume b) mass c) temperature d) distance
Something that you change in an expirament is called a(n)
a) independent variable b) controlled variable c) hypothesis d) inference
Two scientists get different results for the same expirament. What should they do?
a) Go over the proceedure to see why results were different. b) Say that both results could be correct. c) Use the results of the older scientist. d) Use the results from the scientist who finished the expirament first.
Scientific knowledge is based on
a) evidence b) opinions c) guesses d) predictions
What is a hypothesis?
a) a possible answer to a question b) an observation c) a problem to be solved d) an accruate measurement
In a fair test, how many variables will change?
a) one b) two c) three d) four
An inference is
a) a conclusion based on your observations b) a question to be answered c) measurement that is not exact d) the result of an expirament
Inquiry is the process of
a) asking questions b) doing work c) analyzing data d) reporting results
In an expirament , the thing you are trying to measure or observe is the
a) dependent variable b) controlled variable c) hypothesis d) independent variable
Why is it important for a scientist to write clear proceedures?
a) to allow others to repeat the test and get similar results. b) so the scientist will not forget what he did c) so someone can print them in a magazine d) to know which variable he should change next
Which statement is NOT true.
a) The scientific method must follow a strict order. b) Surveys are one type of scientific method. c) Scientists make careful observations. d) Scientists record their methods so they can be repeated accurately.
Choose the correct safety rule.
a) Clean up spills right away. b) Leave long hair hanging loose. c) Taste and smell substances you will use in your expirament. d) Carefully save chemicals for another expirament.
Which of the following is not a reference material?
a) a diorama b) an encyclopedia c) a magazine d) the internet
Which of the following is true.
a) Scientists can learn from other scientists. b) When working in a team, it is important for everyone to have the same ideas. c) Scientists should never study what other scientists have already learned about. d) Keep records of observations is a bad idea, because someone my steal your information.
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