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Uncle Henry was a _________ storyteller.
a) attitude b) magnificent c) finest d) trolley
Uncle Henry would ______ the floor, and everyone would stop and listen.
a) forbidden b) spellbound c) claim d) section
His voicie, his frown, and his ______ could put fear in you.
a) civilizations b) attitude c) claim d) magnificent
We had to take a _______ to get to the concert.
a) trolley b) forbidden c) claim d) finest
The ________ was about to begin.
a) attitude b) section c) trolley d) concert
Uncle Henry held us _________ with his stories.
a) claim b) civilizations c) concert d) spellbound
A _______ to the left of the monument was where we had to sit.
a) claim b) forbidden c) section d) spellbound
Constitution Hall was still one of the ______ concert stages in Washington.
a) finest b) spellbound c) concert d) claim
Now these same people were sitting in the _____ hall.
a) attitude b) civilizations c) forbidden d) claim
The suffix -ant means ______________ . example: servant
a) full of b) characterized by c) one who does d) without
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