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Supported Separation of Church and State, also freedom of speech and religion
a) Voltaire b) Montesquieu c) Rousseau d) Locke
Influenced Separation of Powers (Judicial, Legislative and Executive)
a) Locke b) Rousseau c) Voltaire d) Montesquieu
Influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence
a) Locke b) Montesquieu c) Voltaire d) Rousseau
Influenced future totalitarian governments
a) Voltaire b) Locke c) Montesquieu d) Rousseau
This period used thought and reason in politics
a) The Enlightenment b) The Scientific Method c) The Scientific Revolution d) None of the above
He brought about the Heliocentric Theory
a) Copernicus b) Newton c) Ptolemy d) Galileo
proved the Laws of Gravity correct
a) Newton b) Copernicus c) Ptolemy d) Galileo
Created a systematic way of solving problems using proof and logic
a) Scientific Revolution b) Scientific Method c) The Enlightenment d) None of the Above
The advancements in Math and Science.
a) Scientific Revolution b) Scientific Method c) The Enlightenment d) None of the above
governments such as a dictatorship or totalitarianism
a) unlimited government b) limited government c) constitutional monarchy d) none of the above
Governments such as democracies and constitutional monarchies
a) unlimited government b) absolute monarchy c) limited government d) dictatorships
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