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What is the specific name for the style that is applied to a font?
a) font style b) cosmic ms c) typeface d) font family
Identify which of the following is eye catching and should be used sparingly:
a) script b) serif c) ornamental d) sanserif
Identify the other term that describes the a group of similarly formatted characters:
a) font style b) font c) typeface d) font family
Which of the following has attribute at the tip of the letters that adds weight and dimension to the letters:
a) script b) serif c) ornamental d) sanserif
Which are the four type of font family?
a) Serif, decorative, san serif presentation b) Sans serif, ornamental, script and font style c) Typeface, serif, script and cursive d) Script, serif, ornamental and sans serif
What is the term for the specific size and weight given to a character whether it is text, numbers or symbols:
a) font b) font family c) typeface d) family
This designed as a typewriter face for IBM to emulate typewriter output for reports, tabular work, and technical documentation.
a) time b) cosmic ms c) courier new d) gothic
The inventors developed this setting for the batman, superman and investigative comic strips.
a) times b) cosmic ms c) typeface d) gothic
This was the first design that came out of London in the 1900’s
a) times b) cosmic ms c) typeface d) gothic
Which typeface is identifies with spiral calligraphy pen or brush:
a) script or cursive b) decorative or ornamental c) serif d) sanserif
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